Titanic The Musical

June 2012


Acorn Antiques 2015 Mack & Mabel 2014 Masquerade 2013 Titanic The Musical 2012

Acorn Antiques 2015

It was Curtain Up! on a new era for Denmead Operatic Society as we presented "Acorn Antiques The Musical", by Victoria Wood - our first show under the new name of Curtain Up! Productions at the Petersfield Festival Hall from 25th-27th June 2015.

Mack & Mabel 2014

Mack and Mabel, the story of the relationship between early film producer Mack Sennett and his star Mabel Normand, was presented at the Petersfield Festival Hall from 15th-17th May 2014.

Masquerade 2013

This was an exciting new venture: presenting our very own show, written especially for us by Ian Clark, at the Park Community School in Havant from 29th May to 1st June 2013.

Titanic The Musical 2012

To mark the one hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, we presented this spectacular musical at the Park Community School from 6th-9th June 2012. It was a great success and we won a NODA Accolade of Excellence for the production.

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What's next?

We are reprising our 2010 production of 'Allo 'Allo at the Petersfield Festival Hall from 9th to 11th June. This is the stage version of the hilarious BBC TV series of the same name, set in France during the second world war. Click here to find out more about the show and buy your tickets.

2015 John Westbrook Award

As Hilary Westbrook, John's widow, could not attend any of the Acorn Antiques performances due to prior commitments, she delegated the nomination of the John Westbrook Award for 2015 to Val Sykes. Val chose to award the trophy to Mandy Clowes, saying: 'When there are not so many people on stage, each member of the supporting cast is clearly visible and it is extra important to give it everything. Mandy was always fully involved om each scene she was in, acting and reacting to others very well. I loved the three backing "beehive" singers number and she was clearly really enjoying it,'

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This website is currently being updated. Click here for details of all events and shows we have planned, or find us on Facebook.

Show News

Click here to see the show page for our fantastic June 2016 production of 'Allo 'Allo.

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Mandy Clowes receives 2015 John Westbrook Award

Mandy Clowes was awarded the 2015 John Westbrook Trophy for her performance in Acorn Antiques. Read more >>

Titanic The Musical
6th-9th June 2012Go to next showGo to show indexGo to previous show
Park Community School Theatre, Havant

Titanic The Musical 2012
Titanic The Musical 2012
Titanic The Musical 2012

Produced, Directed and Choreographed
Ian Clark

Musical Director
Lou Bundy

Designer and Owner

Thomas Andrews   Ian Clark
J. Bruce Ismay   Kerry Applin

RMS Titanic Officers and Crew

Capt. E J Smith   Will Donnelly
1st Officer William Murdoch   Malcolm Chewter
2nd Officer Charles Lightoller   Mike Powell
3rd Oficer Herbert J Pitman   Ryan Richards
4th Officer Joseph Boxall   Keanan Johanssen
Chief Engineer Joseph Bell   Brian Youngman
Quartermaster Robert Hitchens   Jason Green
Stoker Frederick Barrett   James Bradbury
Senior Steward Harry Etches   Steve Bradbury
Radio Operator Harold Bride   Luke Newey
Lookout Frederick Fleet   Luke Brand
Bellboy   Ashley Whall
1st Class Passengers
Isidor Straus   Richard Smith
Ida Straus   Ann Dent Smith
John J Astor   Julian Sykes
Madeleine Astor   Rebecca Applin
Benjamin Guggenheim   Ian McDonald
Mme Aubert   Claire Jarman Edwards
George Widener   Ray Hunt
Eleanor Widener   Samantha Spivey
John B Thayer   Suren Johanssen
Marion Thayer   Hilary Glanville
Jack Thayer   Ashley Whall
Edith Corse Evans   Mandy Clowes
Charlotte Cardoza   Liz Bradbury
J H Rogers   Keanan Johanssen
The Major   Ryan Richards

2nd Class Passengers

Edgar Beane   Mike Gilbert
Alice Beane   Kaye Lee-Wright
Charles Valentine Clark   Jason Green
Caroline Neville   Sue Applin
3rd Class Passengers
Kate McGowan   Nadine Darnley
Kate Mullins   Kerry Thoms
Kate Murphey   Megan Brand
Jim Farrell   Mark De Salis
1st Man   Suren Johanssen
2nd Man   Ray Hunt
3rd Man   Ian McDonald
4th Man   Ryan Richards
German Man   Richard Smith
Italian Couple   Robert Day & Rebecca Applin
On Shore
Frank Carlson   Ray Hunt
Other Crew Members and Staff
1st Class Steward Andrew Latimer   Luke Brand
Bandmaster Wallace Hartley   Robert Day
Stewardess Hutchinson   Julie Johanssen
Steardess Robinson   Stephanie Clark
The DaMicos, Professional Dancers   Kerry Thoms & Ryan Richards
Stevedore   Suren Johanssen

Additional Passengers & Crew

Kim Chalker, Yvonne Frampton, Julie Johanssen,
Bronwyn Mason, Ian McDonald, Val Sykes, Pat White,
Sarah Winship, Brian Youngman

Titanic The Musical 2012
Titanic The Musical 2012
Titanic The Musical 2012
Titanic The Musical 2012
Titanic The Musical 2012

After the show

Titanic show leaves operatic society with sinking feeling

Denmead Operatic Society featured in an article in the Portsmouth News - click here to read about how the costs of performing Titanic threatened the very future of the Society.

Fortunately, thanks to the generosity of Society Members paying their subscriptions early and a number of fund-raising events (Murder Mystery Evenings and Quiz Nights), the Society is now back on an even keel financially.

Denmead Operatic Nominated
for News Guide Awards

The Society was very excited to be nominated in the "Best Amateur Musical" category for the annual Portsmouth News Guide Awards. We were even more delighted to get through to the final six and were up against some stiff competition from other local groups. Sadly, we lost out in the end to Portsmouth Players' production of Beauty and the Beast.


"Expansive and Stunning"

Colin Channon - The News 8th June 2012

Since 1933, Denmead Operatic Society has been performing all manner of productions. From the serious stuff to slapstick; Gilbert and Sullivan to panto and 'Allo 'Allo. Never before though, has it tried anything so expensive, so expansive and so ambitious.

The cast of 45 tell the story of the ill-fated launch of the Titanic, its first - and last - journey, 100 years after its sinking.

This is no Kate Winslet whimsy. This is the warts-and-all story of class distinction, and of one man's ambition of owning the fastest, most luxurious liner the world had ever seen.

The increasingly strained relationship between Captain E.J. Smith (Will Donnelly), ship owner Joesph Ismay (Kerry Applin) and designer Thomas Andrews (Ian Clark) is the dominant factor; and all three actors rise superbly to the challenge.

For Clark, who also directs, the production is a major triumph.

The large cast provide moments of real humour and pathos in equal measure as they explore human foibles and relationships.

The world's richest people were enjoying life in the first class cabins; those who wanted to be among the elite were below decks. But each had a story to tell.

The set is imaginative, in the confines of the small theatre at Park Community School, and adds to the stark realities faced by those who learned the hard way that they faced certain death.

A stunning night showing the polish of eight months of rehearsals.

"I Run Out of Superlatives"

John E. Thomas - NODA - 9th June 2012

I find I run out of superlatives to describe this show mounted by this Society. The singing was wonderfully executed and the sound the cast achieved was as good as any you would hear on a professional stage. All the principals' singing was strong and I find it difficult to single out any particular one. This, together with the cast, whose acting was superb from beginning to end, leaving the audience almost spellbound. I find it impossible to find a fault in the whole show.

Aside from the many cast members in the full story, Will Donnelly was ideal as Captain Smith, dignified in accepting blame for the disaster after a blazing row with J Bruce Ismay (Kerry Applin), Chairman of the White Star Line and Thomas Andrews (Ian Clark). They argued about whose fault it was, providing one of the high points of the show. Another one was the moving scene when fighting broke out in the rush to get to the lifeboats, and third class passengers were turned back at pistol point by Lightoller (Mike Powell) and other members of the crew, under orders from the Captain.

Everyone in the cast, whether first, second or third class passengers or crew, deserves praise for their portrayals of the real people who sailed on the Titanic. Director Ian Clark created superb stage pictures and treated the story with the respect it deserved. Lou Bundy and her musicians also deserve praise for their handling of a complicated score and producing a magnificent sound. I fear a lot of people will regret not having seen this superb production. Well done!

"Extremely Polished"

Ken Smith - Mayor of Havant - June 2012

Denmead Operatic Society performed this musical to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the loss of the Titanic.

This was an extremely polished and well produced show and the cast were excellent. Both the individual and ensemble performances could hardly have been bettered.

Performed at Park Community School in Leigh Park, the matinee performance that we saw was almost sold out.

The company worked very hard before the run of the show with rehearsals, set building and wardrobe taking time to perfect. The lighting was very effective and the stage crew deserve a mention for their scene shifting.

NODA Accolade of Excellence

In July 2013, Denmead Operatic Society was absolutely delighted to be presented with the 2012 South East Region Accolade of Excellence at the NODA Annual General Meeting in Hastings, in recognition of the standards achieved by the 2012 production of Titanic The Musical.

Ian Clark and a small band of Society Members went over to Hastings to receive the certificate (right), with immense pride.

NODA Accolade of Excellence

NODA Accolade of Excellence


NODA Accolade of Excellence

Accolade of Excellence Certificate (above)

Director Ian Clark with NODA Regional Rep
John E. Thomas
(left top)

Society Members with Ian and the Certificate
left bottom)


Curtain Up! Productions is a Registered Charity - No. 1021763

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